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Jenny leaning against a tree

Meet Jenny

Jenny C. Bell (she/her) is a spiritual witch and has walked this path for over thirty years. Jenny is the founder of Our Coven, an international online sacred gathering space for witches of all kinds. Jenny is an author and has an upcoming book on crystals coming to bookstores in the summer of 2025. Jenny considers her neurodivergence to be a gift in her ability to heal herself and others. Jenny is a spiritual educator whose modern day, mindful approach to practicing witchcraft and healing is highly sought after by thousands of students.  Jenny’s witchcraft and spirituality classes on Udemy have acquired over five thousand enrollments. She is a published meditation teacher on Insight timer as well as a published writer on the Sagedapp and in Witches Magazine. Jenny self-published In the Cave of my Heart: Poems, which is a collection of poetry written on healing.  

Jenny is a certified Reiki Master and is certified from Kyle Gray in angel card reading. Jenny is a lifelong learner. A meditation teacher, self-healer and lover of crystals, Jenny uses her years of wisdom to champion others on their healing journey. She received her BA in English Literature from California State University San Bernardino in 2006, and obtained her teaching credentials. She taught middle and high school English with a speciality in differentiation and inclusivity for thirteen years. As a teacher, she had a special experience where she taught the same wonderful students from the seventh to the twelfth grade. Jenny is wife and a mother of two.  She was born in New Jersey, lived a long time in SoCal and now calls the PNW her home. Jenny is a persevering taurus sun with a motherly cancer rising and a talkative gemini moon. She considers herself a witch with a poet's heart.  

Jenny is open to collaborations, influencing gigs, interviews, guest speaking, being on a panel and other ideas you might have.  

"Up to witchery and 
mostly good."



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